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So I told a guy today that no one had ever regretted a first date with me, and until today I had been one hundred percent sure of that. Let me tell you why.

Because I really want to know stuff about the other person, I’m very flirty, I can be moderately hilarious, and am not opposed to a kiss goodnight.

Usually I’m pretty safe with the first date. I drive so I can leave whenever I want. I pay at least for my part, sometimes both depending on whose idea the date was. I show up dressed as nicely as I think they will be comfortable with. If you’ve struck me as a jeans and sweatshirt guy, then you should have dressed better previously so I didn’t try so hard not to intimidate you.

I try not to be intimidating, and I can usually pick up enough signals to figure out what level of physical touching is desirable between the two of us.

I have invented games which are both fun and full of discovery—just for firstdateland.

Really, what could be regrettable about all that.

But what happens when someone turns the table? Does the driving and the paying and the holding of the door?

Kinda knocked me off my game and into just having fun. I completely lost track of being in control and manipulating the situation to Optimum Fun Levels for my date. I just had fun myself.

I hope he had fun too, because I did. Epic fun.


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