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I have seen.

No I am not quoting Hemingway, whom I thought was an abysmal writer. Mediocre or lazy.

No. I am saying that I have seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith about seven times today trying to let various wandering parental units see the parts they miss when they wander.


On the up side, I really like soy milk and will most likely have to buy more before a certain someone even gets into town. 

My friends blogs seem…not boring, just…irrelevent.  Have I become so obsessed that my life involves nothing else interesting to talk about? Or am I just that lazy? A list of my favorite websites:

Smart Bitches Love Trashy Books
Stuff White People Like
Stumble Upon

It’s a fun life.

My mother said earlier that everyone has times of wrestling in their lives, where they don’t just seem to have to fight one thing, but the whole world all at once. She said Kyle’s was all through primary and high school, and mine has been college. She also made it clear that while she doesn’t want to know everything I do, if I need anything she’ll help.

If I were the paranoid sort, I would wonder if everyone close to me believes I’m in some sort of crisis. I mean…I sort of am. A fanatical devotion to work (because it would mean I could finally pay down the rest of the debt I incurred in a six-month book buying spree when I was a sophomore in college), a not-so-fanatical devotion to my remaining pet, and a disgustingly cute obsession with my significant other…

Um, I’m not in a crisis.

I just finished Blood Noir and I liked it okay. Not as good as the earlier Anita Blake books, not as bad as some of the recent ones. Nice to see Richard getting better, less whiny and bitchy and more understanding as a character. How can he be a good Ulfric with that amazing lack of people skills?

M&MS amuses me for many reasons. I think it’s clever how generic things like the names of all involved are repeated over and over and yet the movie’s still tantalyzing. “thanks, John” and “night Bill” are so boring, and I still chuckled because of the marvelous acting going on.

I love summer blockbusters! I want to see this summers! Like, now. Tonight. Orr…since Sal and I both work the morning shift I could drag him with me to a matinee. How fun would that be! No weird silences, they can all be filled with movie. I don’t think I’ll even tell him till he’s in the car expecting to just get a ride home. w00t

But in the end who really cares what I think? It’s what you do that would make this interesting to you. But then again if you were looking for witty or entertaining a personal blog by yours truly would not necessarily be the poison you’d pick (see I try to be nice to myself, too).

I hate it when people aren’t nice.



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