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So I’ve been doing experiments with facials. Tonight I learned the most important lesson so far–of I’m going to use an antihistamine it cannot be a pseudophedrine product. One, it gives me a headache. Two, oh my God as a pharmacy tech how did I not see this is probably how meth addicts get started??

On facials? Really? God, such a headache. I should stick to regular Benadryl and Visine. Reduce the redness without producing specious gasses or getting ill.

So this latest batch:
Green tea
Vitamin B Complex with rose hips and rice bran
MegaT green tea extract

Okay. So, all sorts of topical healers and scrubbers with a natural healing sticky base. And I noticed such a distinct difference with Micah’s skin before I added the mucinex and green tea, I cannot WAIT! No more mucinex after this though even if I can’t use it any other way because it SUCKS.

I want to know why Bones is so addicting, when the books are a misery to wade through. I don’t like stepping into someone ELSE’s neuroses.


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